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6 Scrumptious Breakfast Smoothies to Start Your Day

  Move over coffee and cigarettes and hello breakfast smoothies! (Hopefully that wasn't your standard brekkie anyway!) Give your body a beautiful nutritious boost of vitamins and minerals with one of our 'go to' scrummy breakfast smoothies. They set you up

6 People a Luxury Round Towel Is Perfect For This Summer!

  At Epoch Collective we believe that summer is a state of mind and that the round towel is the only accessory you need for a summer lifestyle brimming with adventure. So, what better way way

SUP Yoga: 4 Reasons You Should Give It a Go

  Imagine the scene; a glassy lake or calm ocean, the first light of dawn filtering through the clouds, birdsong rising through the shaded nook of trees, and you perfecting your lotus pose on a paddleboard

[BUYING GUIDE] 6 Special Features Found In The BEST Luxury Round Towels… Summer is in full swing again ;  the golden sun is beaming down and the cool blue hues of the waves are calling you to come outside and play... Now is the time to find the perfect luxury round

US Launch: Epoch Collective x Vestal Village 2016

  At Epoch Collective our roundies always feel at home immersed in the world of summer parties, cold beers, live music, and lashings of festival goers. This year running alongside Coachella, we were invited to the exclusive VIP sideshow-party

How To: 5 Tips on Caring for Your New Round Beach Towel

  Get ready for long summer days soaking up the warm golden sun, lingering afternoons with chilled mojitos, and pale spring mornings with a good book beneath the shady trees... So much care has gone into creating your own

Behind the Scenes: Our Photoshoot in Stunning South Australia

We both know that the good life is all about sun kissed skin, the cool hues of blue water, endless hours in the great outdoors and just a tipple of champagne. With this in mind we thought you

Welcome to the Turquoise Journal…

  We're ecstatic to have you here! This is a place to celebrate sunshine, beautiful beaches,  travel inspiration, and the art of coastal living…it’s for those who adore splashing through life with an untamed heart, rather than sailing over

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