We both know that the good life is all about sun kissed skin, the cool hues of blue water, endless hours in the great outdoors and just a tipple of champagne. With this in mind we thought you would enjoy a sneaky preview of life behind the scenes here at Epoch Collective.

Our latest photo shoot took us to the glorious shores of South Australia. We started before the sun had even lifted her head; the sky the color of roses and gold. We grabbed a coffee from our favorite pit stop, Nutrition Republic in Unley (great crew and brew). Then we hit the road, windows down, roadtrip playlist on and the breeze lifting our hair. We headed out to meet our good friends Lee, Chantal, Ashton and Sarah down at Port Noarlunga.

Port Noralunga – take a look. The sand was sugary soft, the water woven from turquoise silk, and the warm breeze rolling in off the waves gave the morning a comfortable and calm air. Spirits were high; especially when we pulled out the bottle of bubbly and the photographers got to work prepping their equipment to make the most of the light.

Just for you we have added some exclusive footage and never been seen before photos of the shoot. Take a look, fall in love with thoughts of summer, and feel free to share them with friends on social media. We’d love to hear from you in the comments below too!

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We hope you enjoyed the sneak peak behind the scenes with us! We’ll have much more coming soon…