Get ready for long summer days soaking up the warm golden sun, lingering afternoons with chilled mojitos, and pale spring mornings with a good book beneath the shady trees…

So much care has gone into creating your own precious roundie that now it’s time to hand the baton on. Your beautiful new round beach towel is super soft, strong, durable and ready to tackle the world – yet it also needs a little love.

These 5 quick tips can help you build a beautiful relationship with your round towel by caring for it just the way it likes…

1. Washing

Long days on the sand, woodland hikes, and adventure trips to beautiful Bali – your roundie loves to explore the world with you. Yet there are times when you may want to freshen it up. We recommend washing your roundie by hand in cold water.
If you must throw it in the machine also make sure that it’s on a soft and gentle cold water spin. Also make sure to separate dark colors from your roundie in the wash – you don’t want to stain that gorgeous snow white color. We also suggest washing it alone for the first time; and making sure to keep all harsh chemicals and bleaches away.

2. Drying

Your round towel adores to stretch out in the sand; the feel of the breeze, the salty sea air, and the kiss of sunshine are all things your roundie is sure to fall in love with. Keep your gorgeous new round beach towel fresh faced and happy by ensuring it stays out of those hot and nasty drying machines which can serve unnecessary rough and tumble to your towel. Instead drape it over the line, preferably in the cool shade with the print size down.

3. Don’t Pull

The world of your roundie towel is sure to unravel if you pull on any loose threads. Whilst it is always tempting to watch the world unfold; your towel is made of high quality looped terry cotton. If you accidentally snag or snare your towel when trekking through sun dappled trees, on razor sharp beach rocks, or anywhere else – simply cut the thread to keep your towel free from harm.

image14. Keep It Packed

The gorgeously organic duffel bag we provided with your roundie is the perfect keeper of keys, phones and wallets when you want to plunge in the surf. Yet this is also the home of your beautiful round beach towel. After a day of delicious adventures together be sure to roll your roundie up and put it to bed in its divine duffel bag.

5. Carry on Trekking

Your roundie towel lives for the good life; it’s the perfect companion for luscious hikes in the hills, glitzy afternoon pool parties, weekends splashing and sun seeking on the beach, picnics in the park, or even reading a book in the garden. The handcrafted and colorful designs of your round towel also bring a touch of bohemian beauty to your home so you can even use as a throw or wall art in the home. This is the start of a beautiful friendship, an endless journey, and summer dreams that last forever…

So, there you have it – all you need to know about keeping your favorite new beach companion feeling fresh, new, soft and vibrant. It’s probably now about to time to head outside on a sandy little adventure together…


~ Epoch Collective